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Extar Basic U-E11

Extar Basic U-E11

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What's in the box?                                                                                                     

2pc pedals / 1pc remote control / 1pc charger / Instruction /3 pc metal pin / tools 

Material:Nylon Composite

Platform Size: 112mmx112mm

Alex: 9/16 Cr-Mo Spindle

Bearings: Sealed bearing &cooper brush

LEDs:High power tripe COB strip

Battery capacity: 6400 mAh Li-Battery / Pair

Lighting mode:Steady / fast flash / slow flash / semi steady

TYPE-C Recharge: 4h

Replaceable Rubber Pad: yes

Bluetooth Remote Control:yes

Turn Signal: yes

360 illumination : yes


Auto White/Red : YES

Waterproof: IP65 

Weight: 650g





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25% Larger Pedal Platform.Ride with Confidence

Riding with undersized pedals that use a slippery plastic surface can make city cycling more risky and uncomfortable. Fortunately, EXTAR offers a 25% greater contact area (112x112mm) than traditional pedals, immediately increasing stability for better power transmission and ultimate comfort that lets you pedal with confidence and get the most out of your ride. EXTAR provides stability with a special rubber compound and extra-grip composite studs for control you can rely on no matter the weather conditions or shoes you wear. Each pedal face features 6 replaceable studs for maximum grip.


Our EXTAR pedal meets the highest standards of urban riding and adds our unique Made rubber surface. With a high strength nylon composite body, 1 reliable and smooth bearing, and cooper brush, a needle bearing and replaceable pins, this is a pedal designed to last.

30 Hours Battery Life. Ride Longer, Ride Stronger

EXTAR is the ideal companion for urban cycling trips thanks to its 6,400mAh/pair battery that lasts up to 30 hours! Unlike traditional headlights and taillights, there's no need to disassemble or recharge frequently. When the battery level drops below 5%, the power button flashes red, indicating that you can easily charge it using the included Type-C charging cable. Plus, it only needs a quick recharge to last a week or more. With 2-4 times more power output than its competitors, your biking adventures last longer. Get EXTAR today!

4 Different Light Mode

You can select different lighting modes based on your requirements. Having more options provides increased assurance.

Turn Signals With Remote Control

We are extremely proud of the yellow turn signal lights that are easily operated via remote. With the simple press of a button, you can indicate that you intend to turn either left or right and the corresponding light will activate, ensuring that those driving or walking behind you can observe your intentions and act accordingly.

IP65 Waterproof

No worry about rain, EXTAR features reliable waterproof layer inside. It will be your good partner whenever it is rainy or snowy.

Unique curved integrated lights

Due to its unique curved lamp cover design, it can emit light at an astonishing angle of 240 degrees to ensure that you are detected in any directions

Ride in Style withCool Colors

EXTAR uses an interchangeable rubber pedal pad that allows you to customize the look of your bike. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can match them to your bike's color or simply express your personality. Swap them out anytime to give your bike a fresh new look.